Employment Opportunities

Damien Memorial School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Join our family where we educate and inspire young men and women through academics, athletics and the spirituality of a Catholic education. The long-standing tradition of Damien Memorial continues to guide our mission and vision of how we treat our faculty, staff, student, parents, and alumni.

Desired qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree required. Teaching experience in content area and use of instructional technology; excellent communication skills and enthusiasm for developing student potential in an academic and religious-oriented learning community.

Interested candidates please send a resume to:
Wes Porter

Current Employment Opportunities

(Interim) Principal of Damien Memorial School 2018-19 (posted 6/18/18)

Damien Memorial School is poised and ready for this exciting and challenging time in education. Success in the near future will depend on school leadership and its willingness to create and lead change to better serve our students and their families. Understanding our unique school community, the principal must live our mission, share our vision and implement the goals and objectives in our Strategic Plan. More information about our school, mission and community is available at www.damien.edu.

Damien seeks either an interim principal or a principal for the 2018-19 school year. The interim position will differ only in the length of the respective commitment between the school and principal.

Damien seeks a principal who continually will research and learn, ideate and innovate, reflect and iterate. Damien seeks a principal who contributes as a team player to all key projects and work in his or her areas of responsibility.

Damien seeks a principal who will lead the implementation and assessment of the vision and academic and social emotional learning goals and objectives articulated in our Strategic Plan. Damien seeks a principal who will lead and support our faculty, staff, students and their families in the image of Saint Damien and in adherence to the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education.

Damien seeks a principal who will create and lead change to best serve our students in confronting the “challenges of their future.”

Areas of Responsibility

Spiritual Leadership

The principal is a spiritual leader on campus. As such, the principal will:

  • ➢  Lead and support our faculty, staff, students and their families in the image of Saint Damien and grounded in the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education.

  • ➢  Foster a welcoming atmosphere and climate for all members of our school community.

  • ➢  Build a strong, positive public image within the school community and beyond.

  • ➢  Create and support an environment that fosters Catholic faith formation and development.

  • ➢  Consistently represent and live the mission and vision of the school.

    Executive Leadership

    The principal serves on the executive team of the school. As such, the principal will:

  • ➢  Lead major initiatives and change at the school in partnership with the President and executive team.

  • ➢  Serve as a key problem-solver at the school.

  • ➢  Support and work collaboratively with colleagues.

  • ➢  Work collaboratively and professionally with other departments and constituencies needing assistance and/or information from departments reporting to the principal. 1

Leadership of Teaching and Learning

The principal is the academic leader of the school. As such, the principal will:

  • ➢  Lead the planning, implementation and assessment of key goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan, specifically: GOAL #2: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL); and GOAL #3: Teaching and Learning.

  • ➢  Lead and contribute to all projects related to teaching and learning, SEL, curriculum development, community partnerships and restorative justice.

  • ➢  Lead the school’s research, best practices and innovations in education for teaching and learning.

  • ➢  Aim to improve student achievement and preparedness for the “challenges of their future.”

  • ➢  Lead and work directly with faculty and counselors to ensure effective classroom management.

  • ➢  Lead and support the planning, implementation and assessment of professional development for

    faculty, counselors and staff who report to the principal.

  • ➢  Implement, discuss and maintain meaningful professional growth plans for all faculty and staff

    reporting to the principal.

    Management Responsibilities

    The principal serves as a lead manager and administrator at the school. As such, the principal will:

  • ➢  Recruit, hire, support and supervise faculty and some staff.

  • ➢  Hold his or her direct reports to high expectations of their role at the school, including requiring

    attendance at campus events, liturgies and other activities and meetings.

  • ➢  Effectively create, implement and defend policies aimed at curbing unprofessionalism and

    unacceptable workplace interactions among employees.

  • ➢  Review and evaluate all school expenditures within his or her responsibility and propose accompanying

    budget solutions for requests for school expenditures.

  • ➢  Effectively conduct meetings.

    The preferred candidate for Principal at Damien Memorial School:

    • Is a person of deep faith, character and morality, preferably Catholic.

    • Has academic and administrative credentials.

    • Has prior experience in academic leadership or commensurate leadership experience.

    • Has teaching experience, preferably in a secondary school and faith-based school.

    • Is passionate about the social, academic and spiritual life of the school.

    • Is an academic and instructional visionary, adept at inspiring teachers in the pursuit of excellence.

    • Is dedicated to providing a rigorous academic program to a diverse community of learners.

    • Is an outstanding communicator, both orally and in writing, and is accomplished at building


    • Is diligent in the development and execution of strategic plans supporting goals of the school

      Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to school President and CEO Wes Reber Porter via email at wporter@damien.edu. All other inquires may be sent to Mr. Porter and will be kept confidential.